Current Classes

Current Classes

Adult Bible Classes:



October - December

  • Sunday mornings - Hebrews - Ken Holladay
  • Sunday evenings -  The Parables in Chronological Order - Mark Broyles


Wednesday Evenings

The First Wednesday of each month is devoted a devotional service.  The time will normally be dedicated to singing, prayer, reading of scripture, and devotional lessons.

The Second Wednesday will be spent examining what the Bible says about various topics.  Questions are turned in from the congregation.

The Third Wednesday will be a review of the month's reading from the "Read Through The New Testament" challenge in 2018.

The Fourth Wednesday will be a series titled "Then Sings My Soul".  These will be lessons on the history and the meaning of the songs we sing in worship.

The Fifth Wednesdays - January 31, May 30, August 29, October 31 will be dedicated to discussion of our international efforts in preaching the gospel, and in prayer for the men we support in other countries.


There are also Bible classes for children of all ages - From toddlers through High School.