Current Classes

Current Classes

Adult Bible Classes:



January - March

  • Sunday mornings - The Gospel of Luke - Ken Holladay
  • Sunday evenings -  John's First Epistle - Mark Broyles

Coming Next:

April - June

  • Sunday mornings - Difficult Issues: Instrumental Music and Marriage & Divorce - Ken Holladay & Mark Broyles
  • Sunday evenings - Proverbs - Mark Broyles

July - September

  • Sunday mornings - Nehemiah - Mark Broyles
  • Sunday evenings - Exodus - Ken Holladay

October - December

  • Sunday mornings - Difficult Issues: The Role of Women in the Church & Church Discipline - Ken Holladay & Mark Broyles
  • Sunday evenings - 1st Corinthians - Mark Broyles

Wednesday Evenings

The First Wednesday - “Then Sings My Soul”. Various lessons on the songs we sing.

The Second Wednesday will be spent examining what the Bible says about various topics.  Questions are turned in from the congregation.

The Third Wednesday - Special Series: “Good Soldiers - Lessons From Biblical Battles”

The Fourth Wednesday - Various topics & lessons

On Two Fifth Wednesdays - (4/29, 9/30) will be dedicated to our international efforts. We will be praying for preachers and congregations in India, Africa, & China and learning about the work there.  

There are also Bible classes for children of all ages - From toddlers through High School.